In her pajamas with her teddy bear, Lourdes Munguía reflects

With that beauty that characterizes her, her best vibes for life and affection for her followers, actress Lourdes Munguía sheds all the luxuries she is used to to put on pajamas and curl up in the comfort of her home. Through her Instagram profile she shared a photograph in which she can be seen very comfortable in a short blue pajamas, a teddy bear and some makeup, looking as beautiful as ever and receiving the best comments. Recustada sent a message to the audience in which it reads: “rest, reflect and breathe to move forward”, one of her motivational phrases to get ahead and lead a life in peace, relaxed and carefree. Lourdes Munguía in pajamas and curled up with her little bear makes a reflection to be happy The comments about it were not long in coming and is that her followers were present with tender messages to see her as she normally goes to bed every night, even, some celebrities melted with love for her writing hearts and other emojis. You can not look better at 60 years old and Lourdes is the proof of this, because she is nothing to dethrone Maribel Guardia, one of her friends, with so much beauty and elegance that she wastes, which is why she has everyone aware of her movements. Munguía is one of the most outstanding Mexican stars in the entertainment industry, this for his impeccable passage through film, theater and television, without neglecting his work as a playmate posing in adult magazines. Read more: The most dredge unleashes controversy by having Yuri as a guestCurrently, Lourdes Munguía is considered one of the most beautiful women of her time, but not only that, also one of the best preserved and is that with several years she has done nothing but improve and look like a young woman. Graduated from the degree in Communication Sciences of the Autonomous University of the West Culiacán unit, generation 2015-2019. I joined EL DEBATE companies as an intern in the printed newspaper area in the entertainment section, where I had the opportunity to cover events and interview different local figures. At the end of my training period I managed to obtain employment in the same company, starting in the web area, where, for a year, I have worked as a reporter in the different journalistic genres, covering news content, conducting interviews with new talents and keeping our readers updated on the medium of the show. See more

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