The Board 06 of the INE plans the consultation for children and young people

Sinaloa.- The INE plans the consultation for children and young people. Ximena Trejo, member of electoral training and civic education in board 06 of the INE, in Mazatlan, reported that this year the ninth edition of the consultation for children from 3 to 17 years old will be held. There are three topics that will be addressed. The first has to do with caring for the environment; the second, well-being focused on the issue of the pandemic, and the last, what are the rights of children and adolescents; this thanks to a survey that was previously conducted. Ximena Trejo said that the objective is to encourage the participation of minors, so that their ideas are heard. The consultation will begin in November, from 16 to 19 and 22. They will be in schoolyards and roving boxes. In the District Board a box will also be installed, there will be virtual leagues so that they can do it from their homes, to avoid crowds. He assured that all health measures will be taken care of, such as the use of masks, antibacterial gel and disinfect the material. Read more: Jumapam announces the closure of the aquamáticos for repair work Around 93 schools in District 6, of all levels, will participate.  What the children would take would be 3 to 7 minutes. Shootout between hitmen and police in Sonora

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