Prosecutor’s Office supports hypothesis of double suicide in Conchalí: man would have taken his own life after the death of his wife

The North Central Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that it is investigating a double suicide in a house in the commune of Conchalí. As explained by the persecutor Macarena Cañas, head of Flagrancia Centro Norte, it was a woman who would have taken her own life and later her husband would have done it. ” Yesterday, in the context of the funeral of a relative, it was probably what could have motivated this decision to take her own life and, subsequently, her husband seeing this situation acquires a weapon and that is why the shot occurs. ” The call to the PDI was produced by the complaint of a suicide following some shots heard by neighbors. A police car arrived at the house and realized that a man was armed inside, who fired shots at the police. When the PDI entered the house, the death of a woman, whose body was on the first floor of the house, was confirmed. On the second floor, meanwhile, was a gunman, the victim’s spouse. Minors also remained in the residence, who were removed from the house by police personnel. According to the PDI, when it was preparing to intervene in the situation with tactical reaction teams and to coordinate its delivery, the man who was parapeted shot himself, taking his own life. In this regard, the prosecutor maintained that “the investigation was of cooperation, both of the officials of Lacrim de Conchalí, as well as of the Robbery Brigade, and finally the Special Police Brigade was summoned for the purpose of carrying out a negotiation in the expectation that the baron was still alive, which was frustrated because he made the decision of this nature.” On the hypothesis of the double suicide, Cañas indicated that they would be based on the grounds that “last night they were together, there is a call to the sister by the deceased to ask her to take care of the children, so in the early morning she probably makes the decision in that order. Now, the moment your partner realizes this situation we are clarifying.” This indicated that there was no history of domestic violence between the couple.

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