Izkia Siches and the use of fear in Kast’s campaign: “That may allow him to win, but the next day he will have a fractured society”

After her recent incorporation as campaign manager of Gabriel Boric – and after resigning from Colmed – Izkia Siches reaffirmed the position of incorporating all the good ideas of all sectors, ruling out that the candidate’s program is written in stone.
“This is a moment of listening and the one that I lead the candidacy of Gabriel Boric is in line with being able to make a more citizen action and I hope to listen to the people. If people tell us that we are walking on a path that is not what they want, I think we have to evaluate those measures. Without a doubt, you never have to leave the programs written in stone, but there is an orientation of the country that you want to build,” he said in an interview with El Mercurio.
Siches said that in his impression, sectors of the extreme right have “copied from the book” electoral scenarios that yield returns based on fear. “They know that one thing that ends up mobilizing can be fear. The discourse of the opposition candidate is based on that and I think that does harm to Chile and in the face of that I rebel as a citizen. I think that’s a bad way of doing politics (…) Fear does not do the country any good and it will not even serve the opposition candidate because that can allow him to win, but the next day he will have a fractured society.”
Boric’s new campaign manager rejected the aggressions suffered by the candidate of the Christian Social Front, José Antonio Kast and called not to fall into these practices. “People who don’t want to contribute to that candidate, the worst thing they can do is attack him or run him or hit him. That’s something that may end up boiling that candidacy. So, in addition to asking that we live in peace, I ask that people not be naïve because this favors that candidate,” he added.
On the DC, he said that “many of the people who have participated, from the DC and other parties, undoubtedly have the opportunity to have the perspective of this new Chile” and distanced himself from Mayor Daniel Jadue, who called the voters of Parisi “individualists”. “The message that the country requires today is to go and convene and listen to each of these people and I think we must be very cautious and careful with the items and functions that many have,” he said.

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