Alejandro Basteri, brother of Luis Miguel remembered his mother with this emotional message: “We miss you with all our heart”

On the day that her mother would turn 75, Alejandro Basteri, brother of Luis Miguel, remembered her with an emotional message, where he expresses how much he misses her.” A day like today was born who gave birth to a family with principles, values and above all with a big heart! Sensitive, simple, who loved and had the eye and passion of design in his being, in solemn honor and memory to whom he deserves all my love affection and affection in its entirety,” he begins by writing.

The memory of Marcela Basteri | Photo: Instagram @abasteri

With images in which they are seen sharing a meal with Luis Miguel, another that is a collage with several photos and a last one of a candle lit in his honor, the artist also closed: “He has always been my greatest inspiration and my best example in this life, we miss you with all our heart!” —which he followed in a final sentence—”No man has become great without a touch of divine inspiration.

The memory of Marcela Basteri | Photo: Instagram @abasteri

Marcela Basteri was last seen 35 years ago. Her case was revived with the premiere of the three seasons of “Luis Miguel: The Series”, which deny the statements of the former head of the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) said that the woman lives.

In contrast, Netflix fiction depicts Luisito Rey (played by Óscar Jaenada) as a violent man and the possible author of his disappearance and even his femicide.

The memory of Marcela Basteri | Photo: Instagram @abasteri

Alejandro is the second son of the marriage between Basteri and Luis Gallego Sánchez, who also had the Sun of Mexico and Sergio, the youngest of the clan; and whenever he has the opportunity he dedicates a post to his mother, something he also did recently for maternity day.

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