Lawyer of Parisi’s ex-partner: Court officiated to Treasury to withhold campaign surpluses for food debt

Marisol Valladares, lawyer for Franco Parisi’s former partner, in dialogue with La Tercera, said that in October it was the last payment for alimony, which was $ 3 million and was made through an anonymous third party. In November and December there is no payment to alimony,” said the professional. In the interview with the morning, Valladares also revealed that the Court officiated to the General Treasury of the Republic to retain the eventual surpluses of his presidential campaign, and assured that the total debt for alimony amounts to $ 157 million pesos. “The court determined that the current debt for stipend money alone is $122,744,654. To this amount must be added the other debt, which is part of the medical expenses, which correspond to $ 34,487,929,” said Valladares.La lawyer added that “the surpluses that remain will go to an account opened by the candidates and paid by the General Treasury of the Republic. I was looking for that in order to look for collection mechanisms. We made that request and the court accepted it and ordered the withholding of silver for up to $216 million.” Here is an issue that underlies the whole discussion about alimony, which is that here is a father who abandons his children and has not come to see them for a year,” he said.

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