Alberto: “Those who tell me to close with the IMF do not approve a Budget”

Alberto Fernández participated this Saturday in the assumption of Máximo Kirchner as president of the PJ Bonaerense and expressed himself for the first time since the 2022 Budget was rejected by the opposition in the Chamber of Deputies. In a fiery speech, preceded by that of the bloc’s chief, who also took aim at Together for Change, Fernandez called for “intellectual honesty” to debate.

“Be intellectually honest, realize that we are trying to solve the problems that you created,” he said in reference to the economic situation and mainly the agreement with the International Monetary Fund.And then he upped the ante: “And if you don’t shut up for intellectual honesty, at least shut up for shame,” said Fernandez, who will extend the 2021 Budget.

It was in this context that the president questioned the opposition coalition “hurrying up with the Fund,” in reference to the agreement negotiated by the Argentine government, and then “they are the same ones who do not approve a Budget.” Finally, the president referred to the judicial reform that he seeks to promote and questioned whether it is defined as a search for impunity for the vice president: “Cristina does not need any law of Congress or any decree of mine, she defended herself and showed her innocence.”

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