Azul Azul ruled out irregularities in the ‘U’ for double contracts

Azul Azul, the concessionaire of the Universidad de Chile club, denied on Tuesday irregularities for double contracts and assured that the institution cannot be disaffiliated. In the afternoon, the president of Deportes Melipilla Leonardo Zúñiga announced the presentation of a complaint against the blue club for administrative irregularities and double contracts, a situation that could end with the disaffiliation of the ‘U’. He assured that Ramón Arias was under double contract. Given this, the Uruguayan defender declared that “the existence of an employment contract and a contract for the purchase of rights is something totally legal and normal.” Through a statement, the collegiate store later said that “Ramón Arias, nor any other player of the club, receives any type of remuneration under the figure of double contracts. All their income in our institution is duly informed in the respective instances of the ANFP and in the public balance sheets of Azul Azul”. We know that interested sources circulated the player’s contracts in different media. For the same reason, and to ensure the image of our institution and that of the same player, we are obliged to explain,” he added. Finally, Azul Azul assured that it had “no inconvenience in delivering the background that is necessary to clear any doubt, before the relevant agencies.”

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