Canada denies release to Eduardo León Trauwitz former Pemex official

The Attorney General’s Office (FGR) reported Thursday that the Supreme Court of the Province of British Columbia in Canada denied General Eduardo León Trauwitz release so that he will continue his process in freedom after authorities requested his extradition. Through a statement, the FGR detailed that the court based in Vancouber denied the benefit to the former Pemex official because it pointed out that there could be a high risk of flight. he has a history of not appearing in court and fleeing jurisdiction, instead of facing the charges against him,” the Court said.For her part, Judge Veronica Jackson mentioned that the probable crimes committed by Leon Trauwitz, “are sufficient elements to keep him imprisoned during the extradition process,” according to a publication by The Breaker News.Read more:  U.S. government has managed to reunite 100 migrant families separated by trump administrationIt should be remembered that former deputy director of Pemex’s Strategic Safeguard was prosecuted by the prosecutor’s office in 2019, for his alleged participation between the years of 2014 to 2018 in a network of theft of hydrocarbons. The beauties of Choix, Sinaloa, will be exposed with the bridge in Huites
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