Metro workers held demonstration demanding better working conditions

Workers of the Santiago Metro demonstrated to demand better working conditions, which after the pandemic have been affected after the massive layoffs which has generated a merger of positions, increasing the workload and precarious work. There is also disagreement about the lack of security due to the exposure and aggressions that workers have had with the mafias of the street trade.
Eric Campos, leader of the Metro workers, told TVN that “the Metro apparently does not fail, the trains continue to pass, but there are a series of situations that are not so obvious but they occur and for which we are drawing attention, especially because there are responsible in these last four years who want to pass piola, they want to continue.”

Video via Twitter @s2metro
“During the pandemic, more than 1500 workers were laid off. His pretext was that the influx dropped from 2,800,000 to 200,000 people. The influx has been replenished to 1,600,000 people, however those 1,500 workers have not been replaced. They are mainly security workers and user service,” he added. 
He also added that “the weekend stations are abandoned, they are dirty, the plant workers are exposed to security situations such as the one that has occurred in Cal y Canto and Central Station where mafias of the street trade affect the safety of the workers.” 

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