Pompeii: A woman set fire to a homeless person and escaped

A woman set fire to a homeless man who was sleeping on Cobo Street at 1200, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Pompeii. Despite the attack, the man suffered no serious injuries and managed to save himself. The event happened in the early morning of December 26, around 4.43 in the morning, although it transcended by these hours.

Security cameras in the area recorded the entire sequence in which a woman arrives at the shelter where the homeless person slept, pulls out a lighter, sets fire to her mattress and escapes. In a few seconds the fire advanced on the belongings of the man who was asleep and wakes up when a neighbor in the area came to help him. Then, the homeless man realized the situation and tried to put out the fire with what he had at hand.

Jonathan, victim of the attack

It all happened in a little over two minutes. Fortunately, he did not suffer serious injuries and according to a merchant in the area, a few days later he returned to sleep at the scene of the attack. The man attacked was identified as Jonathan and said in dialogue with the press that he does not know the attacker and that he never had a problem with any neighbor in the area. In turn, he said he lost the few belongings he had and demanded that justice be done.
Speaking to TN, a merchant in the neighborhood named Fernando said that in the area of Pompeii many people sleep in the streets and that he made the complaint “in the corresponding prosecutor’s office.” Another camera captured the assailant turning the corner as she ran away.

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