Known script: Government threatens to go to the TC for PGU project that seeks financing with taxes to “super rich”

The Government once again questioned the indication entered into the Universal Guaranteed Pension (PGU) project that seeks to finance the initiative through “taxes on the super rich”.
And it is that the discussion was stalled in financing, despite the unanimous approval of the text in the Lower House, generating tension in the sessions of the Finance Committee.
Yesterday, the spokesman of La Moneda, Jaime Bellolio, lamented the existence of a political and assured a boycott of the initiative and that this type of tax is something unconstitutional and that only hinders its progress.
Today, the Minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Delgado, resorted to the same formula and said that “if progress is made as has been presented in the case of the ‘super rich’, there are vices of unconstitutionality that will be seen in higher instances.”
It is worth mentioning that for the Executive the priority is that the initiative advances in Congress, with the aim that the money can be delivered in February.
“We hope that Congress will take charge as appropriate so that the people who need it so much can have their money,” said Minister Delgado, according to Emol.
On the financing of the initiative, the head of Interior said that as a Government “we are willing to talk so that it is approved.” In that sense, he clarified that, “as Minister Cerda said yesterday, there is always the will to continue talking but in terms that the PGU may need in the short term.”
Delgado said that the tone of the dialogue they seek to have with the representatives of the Legislative Branch must be “with necessary responsibility and as long as the indications conform to the constitutionality of the same.”
It is worth mentioning that the financing of the PGU, which is focused on the project to reduce tax exemptions, remains the issue that complicates the progress of the project in Congress.
The initiative will be reviewed this Monday in the Chamber of the Chamber of Deputies, and comes with the indication of taxes on high assets approved in the Finance Committee. Despite this, the opposition insists that La Moneda must give an alternative, thinking especially that the Autonomous Fiscal Council this week proposed that the Government should look for new methods to write the PGU in rock.

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