translated from Spanish: 100 percent improved port movement in Mazatlan

Sinaloa.- The port movement improved its activity to 100 percent in Mazatlan. The general secretary of the Mazatlan Port Workers’ Union, Victor Manuel Reyes Canizales, reported that they started the month of June on the right foot, and are even hiring staff. Good expectations
Reyes Canizales stressed that there are good expectations for the coming months in the aforementioned sector.
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He revealed that a shipment of 11 thousand tons of sugar is coming; in addition, there are three ships that export steel rods. Between each month, the three ships gather 20 thousand tons of steel. Read more: AMLO would seek primor in order to amend the constitutionAlso there are good tuna catches, about seven to nine boats arrive, according to the union leader. Every weekend, the containers work the two lines, Apalón and MSC.

«We have good expectations for the coming months, apparently everything paints a positive picture for us, let’s hope so,» said Victor Manuel Reyes Canizales, union leader. recovery
The leader of the port workers stressed that they are an important part of the logistics of the country’s transport, however, they were hit hard by the health contingency caused by covid-19. Victor Reyes explained that Mazatlan is a small port, compared to Manzanillo and Lazaro Cardenas, where they were not as affected by the pandemic. Workers who were of vulnerable age were left unemployed, the union promoted management to give them financial support to support them in the months of confinement. The union leader mentioned that in the first months of 2021 they had a difficult season. The vulnerable elderly employees have already returned to their posts, the health authorities were the ones who gave the green light to the return. campaign
The Ministry of Health supports the sector with medical check-up days, checking blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides to prevent someone from getting infected by COVID-19 and their case getting worse. With these measures and the health days, the workers are calm. inclusion
The union has an average of 320 workers. The sector is betting on the inclusion of these 320, there are 14 active women.» It takes one pleasant surprises. We realize that the responsibility of women is a little higher than men, the only way to realize is to give them that opportunity, «said Victor Manuel Reyes.Read more: Private schools close for cases of Covid-19 in SinaloaThe opportunity for women is still open, within the recruitments they also look for women. The data
MeasuresBeath the health contingency caused by covid-19, the leader of the port workers said it is about taking care of vulnerable elderly staff, sending them to departments where there is not so much crowding of people.

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