Vizzotti estimates that Ómicron could transform the coronavirus into an endemic; Filo.| Music Justin Bieber, YouTube’s first viral music phenomenon; Bahía Blanca: attack against the director of the Sanitary Region one and much more…

1. Vizzotti estimates that Ómicron could transform the coronavirus into an endemic

Given the high level of contagiousness and the slight impact on health, the health authorities are hopeful that the pandemic will end, although they do not rule out the appearance of new strains. I kept reading here… 2. Filo.Music | Justin Bieber, the first viral music phenomenon on YouTube

The first episode of 2022 has as its protagonist the prince of modern pop and in the year he returns to Argentina we put a review of his entire career.  I continued reading here… 3. Bahía Blanca: attack against the director of Sanitary Region one

In the early morning of today, Maximiliano Núñez Fariña observed damage to the front of his house and a fire beginning that he himself managed to quell. I kept reading here… 4. The video of María Becerra, before being famous, playing with Guido Kaczka

The singer took her dog Shiloh to participate in the program when she was not yet known.  I kept reading here… 5. Sofia Reyes revealed what she predicted to Ricky Montaner what was going to happen to Stefi Roitman

The singer talked about the relationship of her ex-boyfriend and the influencer who will get married today.  I kept reading here… 6. Ricardo Montaner’s post hours after his son’s wedding: “Nobody leaves, nobody enters”

The singer was happy and excited before the family event that summons them today and emphasized the lifelong commitment that young people are about to face.  I continued reading here… 7. Sinéad O’Connor’s son found dead

Shane O’Connor, 17, had disappeared last Thursday. I kept reading here… 8. Facundo Díaz Acosta and Santiago Rodríguez Taverna will face each other in the final of the Tigre Challenger

The two national tennis players will go in search of their first title in this type of tournaments. I kept reading here… 9. Gareth Bale could retire at the end of the season at 32

The Welshman is focused on achieving qualification to Qatar 2022 with his national team and everything depends on that result, given that the contract with Real Madrid ends at the end of the season. I kept reading here… 10. The “Flea” Rodriguez leaves Gymnastics and Fencing of La Plata

The player said goodbye to his teammates and the coaching staff in Estancia Chica. Rodríguez will not be part of the delegation that will be installed today in Mar del Plata to continue the preseason. I kept reading here…

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