Jobet for awarding the lithium tender: “It leaves a huge space to continue promoting this industry”

The bi-minister of Energy and Mining, Juan Carlos Jobet, referred to the award of the lithium tender to the companies ByD and To Servicios y Operaciones Mineras del Norte.The Secretary of State affirmed that “the two bids awarded are substantially higher than the others and allow to obtain the most satisfactory collection by quota. The State will receive, without considering future payments for production, US$121 million for these two quotas.” It leaves a huge space to continue promoting this industry by this or other avenues in the future,” he said. Jobet also highlighted, as a result of the objections made by Boric and the parliamentarians for this process, that the Government “accepted the request of the President-elect”, and will work with the two winning companies “to incorporate formulas” that allow part of the payments that these companies must make to be destined “to local communities and investments in research and development”. We reaffirm the willingness of our Government to form with the opposition a national lithium table to elaborate a strategy for the development of this industry with a State and long-term perspective,” he concluded.

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