The behavior of the contagions will mark whether or not there is carnival and marathon

Carnival and marathon, no decision. Governor Rubén Rocha Moya is clear about the panorama. This is not the time to decide whether to authorize the mazatlan Carnival. And neither does the celebration of the Culiacan Marathon. The latter is scheduled for January 23. Carnival, for February 24. Asked about the version that he had declared that both the Culiacan Marathon and the Mazatlan Carnival go, the governor said that neither one nor the other. The decision has not yet been made. And it is that every week, the Ministry of Health submits a report on the behavior of the wave of infections and the numbers are coldly analyzed. It is more than clear that at the moment, a massive event with the contagion force of these variants of Covid-19 is not recommended. That is why the scenarios are constantly being evaluated. Rocha Moya has stated that he is not in favor of a new confinement, as happened in 2020, when the pandemic forced everyone to stay at home and businesses closed. Today, Rocha Moya himself knows it, the scenario is different. And vaccination against the coronavirus is critical. And while it is true that people can be infected even while vaccinated, reports warn that the percentages of lethality are not like those registered in 2020. The behavior of this new wave of infections that affects us all, is what will mark the return of mass events. We will have to be vigilant. They postpone restart. Face-to-face classes in Sinaloa schools will have to wait. In many of the schools they were preparing to start next Monday, January 17. Some had already notified parents in writing of the times at which students would have to report. Even, the indications of how they should go. Including also the observation that they bring their snacks because the little shops that operate inside the schools would be closed. Yesterday, Governor Rubén Rocha Moya announced the agreement to postpone the return to face-to-face classes and immediately the schools notified parents about the cancellation of the face-to-face return and announced that any new information would be communicated immediately on the official pages of the educational institutions. It is certainly a good decision. Infections do not subside. And they are affecting children, youth and adults alike. And children who have not been vaccinated are most at risk. Tomb to several the Modern. It is not one, there are several education workers who reported strong reactions after receiving the Moderna vaccine against Covid-19. It must be said, it is not the generality, but there are several cases. Reports indicate that the reaction included headache, body aches and even some temperature. Many of them had to stay in bed the day after the vaccine. What is widespread is arm pain, particularly in the area where the vaccine was given. Doctors agree that these symptoms are temporary and that they would last between two or three days, without serious consequences. It should be remembered that the education sector received last year the Cansino vaccine, of Chinese origin, with an effectiveness of 68.83 percent 14 days after vaccination.
They report an increase in water rates. As far as is officially known, the authorization to increase the rates for water consumption has not been announced. What is true is the general complaint about the dirty water that is coming into the houses. It will be a matter of checking. 

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