The Government has only delivered 49 out of 145 possible pensions for victims of human rights violations during the social outbreak

The Government has confirmed the delivery of 49 pensions only to victims of human rights violations that occurred in the social crisis of 2019.
This was reported by the Undersecretary of the Interior to the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH), after it requested the information in two offices and other opportunities, in order to establish the destination of the 125 pension applications that had been accredited until December 17, 2021. In total, the INDH accredited 145 victims of human rights violations that occurred during the social outbreak.
In 2020, during the processing of the 2021 Budget Law, the National Congress established “Gloss 12”, in Item 50, Chapter 01, Program 02, corresponding to Retirements, Pensions and Montepíos.
In this section, it was established that “victims of human rights violations accredited by the INDH who, because of their injuries, suffer permanent, complete or partial impairment of their ability to work from October 18, 2019 onwards may be considered as beneficiaries.”
This compensation, which adds a new category within the “beneficiaries” granted by grace by the President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera, is far from being a public policy of comprehensive reparation such as the one requested by the INDH since December 2019. The regulations should comply with standards of comprehensiveness, permanence and sufficiency of resources. To date, no progress has been made along these lines.
Despite this, the INDH assumed since August of last year the mission entrusted to Congress. In this way, during 2021 it accredited a total of 145 people. Of these, 122 are men and 23 are women. While 139 are adults and six, under 18 years old. In addition, 69 are victims of eye trauma, one deceased and one person who was at risk of death.
Of these 145 cases5, the National Institute of Human Rights requested access to the results of 125 applications that had completed their procedures. In the first letter on December 17, he requested to know the destination of 105 folders sent until December 2. On 7 January this year, it again requested the same with respect to other applications that had been sent on 17 December.
As for the compensation mechanism for victims of human rights violations, this was maintained by Congress in the 2022 Budget law. However, it changed its name. It is now included in “Gloss 15”. Also in The Treasury, Item 50, Chapter 01, Program 02.
With the new gloss, 63 victims have been accredited so far this year, which correspond to 53 men and ten women. Fifteen of them are for eye trauma, 48 for other types of physical injuries. In addition, 58 people are adults and five are minors.

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