Sergio Mattarella was re-elected as President of Italy

The Italian Parliament today re-elected the current president Sergio Mattarella, 80, as president of the country after almost a week of votes without agreements between the political forces. Mattarella had rejected the option of being re-elected at the head of the Quirinal Palace although he accepted it after it was proposed by most of the political forces that also support the Executive led by Premier Mario Draghi. If necessary, I am, although I had other plans,” Mattarella told top parliamentary leaders at a meeting this afternoon in which he confirmed his availability for the second term he had rejected for more than a year, the daily La Repubblica reported. far exceeding the necessary number of 505 voters. In 2015, also with 1,009 large voters, Mattarella had been elected with 665 supports on the fourth ballot. With today’s episode, Matterella became the second president of Italy to win re-election, after his predecessor Giorgio Napolitano. Let the team be like this: Mario Draghi as premier and Mattarella as president,” center-right leader Matteo Salvini told reporters today, while inside Parliament a new vote failed again and taking the first step to unlock re-election. According to the Constitution, however, the powers of the President are limited, concentrated on the signing of laws and the protocol sphere, while the day-to-day management is carried out by the Prime Minister.

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