Strong claim of the Frente de Todos: “The debt has to be paid by those who escaped it”

In the framework of the announcement of the agreement with the International Monetary Fund, different pro-government organizations, which make up the Frente de Todos, met in the Buenos Aires party of San Martín and said that “the debt has to be paid by those who fled it, not the people,” in a reference to the Government of Mauricio Macri. There are 100 economic groups that escaped USD 27,000 million, from the loan taken by Macri,” they said in a statement and said that “they must be required to take over the part that corresponds to them.”

“The IMF asks the Argentine people for blood, sweat and tears, this is an unsustainable affront,” they said and stressed that “the people voted for the Frente de Todos to recover dignity, recover work and wages. We can’t fail him.” Argentina with 50% poverty does not tolerate any type of adjustment,” said the organizations Espacio Puebla, founded by former deputy José Cruz Campagnoli and the Secretary General of the Metrodelegates, Alberto “Beto” Pianelli, the Buenos Aires leader Flavio Turné and Councilman Horacio Chique; the Popular Dignity Movement, led by Rafael Klejzer, Marina Joski and José Gazpio; and the Green and White group of ATE, led by Daniel “Tano” Catalano.

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