translated from Spanish: Child Advocacy officiated Demre for security measures in surrender of the PSU

As reported By Radio ADN, the Ombudsman for Children sent an office to Demre, an entity that depends on the University of Chile, to report on the details of the security measures as part of the surrender of the PSU which was affected by different manifestations. The body led by the defender Patricia Muñoz, stated that it is important to define «what specific actions were taken, in relation to each of the establishments involved and communes in which they are located, to allow the young people, who wanted to surrender the PSU, could effectively exercise their right without being hindered or impeded». It also called for the described institutions that participated in the actions and to report on the number of young people who were affected by not taking the test. «, «specifying how, by their institution or the Ministry of Education, the due intervention will be carried out in the event that any of them has suffered emotional affectation because of the new suspension situation that has affected them, which may have an impact on their best interests». Fialmente, he demanded to report on the date on which students will be able to perform the PSU and to inform the response given to student organizations such as THE ACES or the Cones «to their sustained requests to modify the University Selection Test, indicating in detail what spaces of dialogue they have generated to hear, effectively, and to take due account of the requests of those organizations and the young people they represent».

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