Rams and Bengals, a Super Bowl that nobody expected

Many people did not expect to see the Los Angeles Rams against the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl LVI, however, both teams have surprised locals and strangers, and today they are 4 days away from the most important game in the NFL. What must be said is that both Rams and Bengals have finished with the bookmakers, surpassing each team they have had to face in the postseason, this, after not even having been the best record of their respective conferences. On the one hand, the Rams, leaders of the West Division, were the fourth-highest-ranked team in the National Conference, while the Bengals, leaders of the North Division, were fourth in the American Conference.Read more: Jalen Ramsey, eager to defend Rookie Bengals sensation Ja’Marr Chase Resilient teams If both franchises have shown anything, is that they have players who never give up, and have the ability to execute in the best way, against the best rivals, at the highest level. According to ESPN Stats & Info, the Rams, who went 12-5, and the Bengals 10-7, have a combined record of 22-12, representing a .647 percent win, making this the worst combined winning percentage in a Super Bowl matchup in history. Read more: Cooper Kupp could join a select group if the Rams win the Super BowlStop this aside, there is nothing left but to continue waiting for the Super Bowl to be played at the shocking SoFi Stadium, and enjoy this historic clash, which will surely leave emotions on the surface. I currently work as a web editor, specializing in NBA and NFL for Empresa EL DEBATE. I worked for 4 years and 5 months in the Sports section of the Printed Newspaper in Culiacán, covering various disciplines, being assigned to the source of Knights of Culiacán of CIBACOPA. I had the opportunity to cover 3 years the Basketball Tournament of the Neighborhoods of EL DEBATE, one in Mazatlan, 2 in Culiacán, as well as the National War Bands in Los Mochis. In the same way, I was present at various inaugurations and closings of the Company’s sporting events. My passion is basketball, so I am constantly researching the sport burst, especially the NBA, and I have created special works on relevant topics. I covered on 2 occasions the Culiacan International Marathon, one of the most important events at the local and state level. I am an avid reader, who likes to constantly improve himself, both personally and professionally. I successfully attended the Digital Sports Journalism Workshop of the University of Guadalajara sponsored by EL DEBATE. See more

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