CFE begins stages of rescue of miners trapped in Pasta de Conchos

The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) announced that it will begin the construction of the lumbreras – tunnels or openings – to undertake the rescue of the remains of the 65 miners trapped in Pasta de Conchos, Coahuila, since 2006.
The works will be in charge of the consortium formed by the companies Desarrollo de Terracerías, S.A. de C.V., owned by the businessman Olegario Vázquez Raña, and PROACON México, S.A. de C.V., with a contract that amounts to 308 million 909 thousand 643 pesos.
The construction of the tunnels will be developed in three stages, which will start in this month of February and will last more than one year each.

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The first stage will consist of the construction of lights or shots, whose contract will be valid from February 11, 2022 to April 6, 2023.
The second stage, which will last 20 months and will begin in March, will be dedicated to the construction of access ramps, approach galleries and connection tunnels.

Context of the issue: ‘It’s a relief’, say relatives of miners of Pasta de Conchos about agreement to rescue bodies
Finally, according to the CFE, the last and third stage will be for the operation of the ventilation system, degassing, excavation of the safe pillar, selective stabilization of the abandoned works, search and recovery of remains in interaction with complementary disciplines and process of abandonment of the works. This will start in May 2023.
The state-owned company said it has employed 34 relatives of miners for the rescue project, among whom 18 are still active and 16 have concluded contracts.
In Political Animal We say that the CFE also hired Ingeniería, Asesoría y Consultoría SA de CV (IACSA), one of the companies in charge of supervising the section of Line 12 of the Mexico City Metro that collapsed in 2021.
We tell you: For rescue works in Pasta de Conchos, CFE hired a supervisor of the section of Line 12 that collapsed
The failure of the contract, for 6 million 720 thousand pesos, occurred on June 10 of last year, just one month after the collapse of the elevated section of Line 12, in which IACSA was accused of having committed irregularities, along with other construction companies. 
Despite this background, the CFE contracted IACSA to carry out one of several works planned for the rescue of the remains of the miners trapped since 2006 in the Pasta de Conchos mine, a project that national and international engineering experts consider very high risk due to its complexity.
In the schedule issued by the Commission in October 2020, it established that by February 2022 the bidding phases of the entire project and also the construction of the ramp and access tunnels should be completed. Even, that in this month, the search and rescue of the first group of miners should have already begun. 
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