Prices Care will reach the warehouses with a basket of 75 products

The Secretary of Domestic Trade, Roberto Feletti, said that the Care Prices program will reach the proximity stores with a basket of 75 products, and assured that the inflation of 3.9% in January “hurts for the pocket of the people.”
“Now we are making a basket of 75 products to reach the proximity stores. You have there the retailer who wants to maintain his income level, which is logical, and remarks. Today the discussion of gondola prices is very transferred to distributors and local shops, “Feletti warned this morning in statements to FM Metro.

In addition, the official referred to the evolution of inflation: “It hurts me for the pocket of the people. 60% of the variation (annual in the price of food) is explained in fruits and vegetables. We are trying to rebuild regulatory instruments,” he said.
Regarding the incidence of fruits and vegetables in food inflation, Feletti advised that the mechanisms of offers through “weekend fairs” be deepened, taking into account that they will surely allow a “moderation” of prices in neighborhood greengrocers.

As for the official wage policy, the secretary explained the importance of “matching the price policy with wages,” and considered that it is necessary to “build a basket of fresh (products) that defend wages.” “If you allowed 920,000 tons of meat to be exported in 2020, a record number in 100 years, you have the guys standing in a different place, and the external demand on meat, and milk now, is endless,” Feletti said.
In his opinion, for the salary to be “powerful”, it is necessary “to ensure energy and cheap food, two inputs that Argentina produces”.

Finally, in reference to possible modifications that are analyzed for the Rental Law, he indicated that “we must improve some things such as lowering the component of the price index and increasing the salary component in the adjustment semiannually.”
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