This is how a Catnapp show is lived: “This time I really wanted to express what my songs say and feel it”

Before he took the stage, he thought it was going to be different. “Today in particular I felt like a very powerful performance, rage against the machine,” says post-show Amparo Battaglia, better known as Catnapp. Less than an hour has passed since the end of this immersive audiovisual experience that she decided to title DAMAGE Experience and instead of vomiting talent on a stage, now she is the calmest sitting in her dressing room. While giving the note to, someone from his team knocks on the door and reaches for the drawing made by a girl who was driven crazy by her music. The contrast between this moment so crayon and little house and solcito in front of the darkness and neon of its presentation feels strange but totally assimilable. “It’s not like 3 years ago I did a show every day. Now, doing a show is a special thing for me. It became more important. Inside you feel it more important”, ends up closing the idea Ampi. We are in the headquarters of the Artlab Studio located between the three C’s porteñas: Chacarita, Colegiales and Villa Crespo. Tonight a project was registered that will soon premiere exclusively on Artlab’s YouTube channel and that left everyone present amazed. You don’t see something like that every day.
“There are few artists who produce their own things and put them to sing in front, it is true – he reacts to an observation of the writer – Nowadays you see the DJ putting the track, the person singing forward, end. I appreciate it because it’s a lot of laburo that I put, it’s re personal what I do and it’s not a product. It’s not like I call a producer and tell him let’s make a hit.” Along the way, he recalls, “Once I was playing and they came to congratulate me after the show and say ‘Very good, but I don’t understand why you talk so much about the DJ set.'” After the laughs, he returns: “I’m not a DJ, I don’t do things that have to do with being a DJ. My friend puts the tracks but we don’t do a DJ set, I sing and she puts the instrumental tracks. It’s not mixing up themes. In the songs I do use samples but I wouldn’t be a DJ set.” It’s crazy because a lot of people don’t realize what’s really going on. They think that I’m passing the music, that the voices are not what I’m singing or that I’m doing a DJ set and putting vocals in,” he closes. It was in 2015 that he bought a one-way ticket to Spain and decided not to return. He ended up choosing Berlin as a city to live in, where he learned German but says that in the field in which he manages he needs it very little. “I set up a tour of some countries in Europe and there I was going to see where I stayed because I was not going to return, I wanted to leave here. When I arrived in Berlin I said ‘it’s here’. It was beautiful. An artistic explosion taken out.”

The first time was to know, to understand, to become familiar. “It was a year of understanding where I was, what I was going to do. To know another reality and meet the people of the whole movement as well. It was going out, touching and meeting. Start completely from scratch again.” In 2018, Modeselektor signed her to his Monkeytown label through which she released her EPs “Fear” and “No Cover” in that year, followed by her album “Break” (2019). Now, he’s gearing up for a new release.” This year a new album comes out called ‘Trust’, which means how to trust-trust-believe. It’s a word that doesn’t exactly exist in Spanish,” he says. He continues: “I wanted to tell a story from beginning to end. All the themes are hooked from beginning to end and tell their own experiences. It’s my favorite record so far. Creatively I was helped a lot by ModSelektor for this release.” Catnapp’s visit to Argentina included a show open to the public at the Sívori Museum and now adds a Niceto sold out with The Colorated, Rattlesnake and Anita B Queen next Thursday, March 3. Maybe he feels the same way he did when he played at ArtLab. “It was like ‘ok, this time I really want to express what my songs say and feel it.'”

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