Beautiful beach, Sinaloa, is full of foreigners after 15 years

Guasave, Sinaloa.- A group of at least eight mobile homes arrived at the well-called ‘beautiful beach’ a couple of days ago, thus opening the doors to monopolize a new market, said Gustavo Miguel Rivera, service provider of Las Glorias.He added that they totaled almost 15 years without a specialized group coming to visit the spa. The expected return Miguel Rivera reported that they have installed a caravan with eight units of a group operating company called Caravans in Mexico, and they are looking for specialized groups. “For example, this group belongs to a club that has a wide economic capacity and therefore a lot of demand in the service.” Read more: Tambalea fence of the primary 18 de Marzo in Guasave, SinaloaDestalled that this company in Mexico is looking for a place in Sinaloa that will serve as an operational base to be able to make a distribution center for groups of caravans to different places in Mexico. ” That for us is very beneficial, because it gives us the possibility of reconnecting with this current of road market that long ago gave Las Glorias a splendid time and in parallel the development of the spa was generated.” He explained that there are almost 15 years that were had without a specialized group as such, although there were visits from Canadians, which represents a good economic spillover. ” We were already about 15 years old and we did not receive specialized groups. We have received Canadians, but not a group and that is important because the dynamics are more specialized, because they are looking for products already developed, they will be doing ecotourism activities and generate an important economic spillover for the area.” Miguel Rivera indicated that this visit stimulates them to maintain a constant and permanent effort so that the space remains open and that Las Glorias once again becomes a preferred destination for this segment of the market. Needs The service provider pointed out that Las Glorias was consolidated as a place of gastronomic tourism, which attracts the attention of foreigners, but stressed that it is not enough to maintain the interest of tourists, but that public services must be improved. Read more: In little clothes, deputy Serapio Vargas promotes “La playa de los bichis” in Navolato, Sinaloa “The situation is very interesting, because as a result of this return it is forced to improve the conditions of public services, although we are seeing that change in the administration thanks to the Works Committee of Las Glorias, and we are living the beginning of a new stage for our beautiful beach.”

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