Triumph of Matías Bize’s new film “Private Messages” at the Malaga Film Festival

Since its premiere at the Malaga Festival, the film “Private Messages” by director Matías Bize has conquered the public of the Spanish contest. The tape was given a standing ovation for more than three minutes by the audience that filled the room at its first performance.
Followed by positive reviews in specialized media, the successful passage through the Festival has culminated with two important awards for Private Messages, which was part of the official selection of Malaga.
The first, to the editing of the film made by Rodrigo Saquel. With an enormous challenge in his charge, Saquel faced the assembly of a story of monologues on camera of private stories -some of them biographical- creating a cinematographic story of great emotion and depth.
Another great recognition was taken by the actor Nicolás Poblete, who interpreted a monologue with a true story and biographical character, achieving the silver biznaga for the best male supporting performance.
In turn, the Argentine/Chilean co-production “Ámame” won best male performance with Leonardo Sbaraglia. Finally in the industry awards, the project “Kaye” by Alejandro Ugarte won the Music Library Award.
Connecting with people
After his successful passage of the film in the prestigious Spanish contest, its director Matías Bize celebrated.
“It was very special everything that has happened with ‘Private Messages’ at the Malaga festival, how I connect with people, how people got excited, how people approached us after the performance to tell us how they had been moved, how they had been moved by the film and we felt that something really important was happening and that people were connecting with the film in a very intense way. Also the fact of revealing that they are real stories implied a greater connection with the people and that was also shown to us by the audience with each function of the film. The fact that they are real stories puts the audience in a position of enormous closeness and intimacy,” he said.
For his part, the actor Nicolás Poblete “the award is a gift for inscribing my story in this film, in the art that today also becomes the voice of abused childhood”. Last year this same award was won by Chilean actor Alfredo Castro for his role in “Karnawal”.
After its premiere by international festivals, Mensajes Privados confirmed in two months its premiere in Chilean theaters. On May 26 it can be seen on the big screen in the country’s cinemas.

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