Zelensky denounced that Russian troops left mines during their withdrawal

“They’re mining everything. They are laying mines in houses, in equipment, even in the bodies of dead people,” Zelensky said in a new speech posted on social media, warning of Russian shelling of the areas from which they are withdrawing. That is why he called on the population to wait for it to be verified that the areas from which the Russian military withdrew are safe.” You still cannot resume a normal life, as it was before, nor in the territories that we are recovering after the fighting,” he said. We have to wait until our land has been cleared, wait until we can guarantee you that there will be no more bombing,” he explained. Ukraine said today that it already controls the entire Kiev region after the withdrawal of Russian troops from the area after weeks of fighting.
Ukrainian presidential adviser Mikhail Podoliak had earlier said Russian forces were carrying out a “rapid withdrawal” from areas near the capital Kiev and the northern city of Chernigov. It is quite clear that Russia chose another priority tactic: retreat to the east and south, maintain control of vast occupied territories and gain a powerful foothold there,” he added in a message spread on the messaging app Telegram.This coincides with the announcement made by the Kremlin earlier this week to reduce its operations around Kiev and Chernigov to focus on the separatist regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, in the east.

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