Plebiscite to exit the new Constitution will be on Sunday, September 4: Government seeks to accelerate bill that brings voters closer to polling places

During this day the Constitutional Convention defined the date on which the exit plebiscite will be held to opt for the options of Rejection or Approval on the new Constitution, which will be on Sunday, September 4.
Among the definitions scheduled by the board of directors is the delivery of the proposal of the new Magna Carta to the President of the Republic, Gabriel Boric, on July 4.
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Once the proposal is delivered, the president has 60 days to call the Plebiscite, which will be mandatory for any person 18 years or older who has registered an electoral address in Chile.
Government gives urgency to project that allows to bring polling places closer
Meanwhile, the Ministry General Secretary of the Presidency (Segpres) entered with immediate discussion the indications to the bill that seeks to bring the domicile of the electorate to the polling places for the Exit Plebiscite of September 4.
The Executive awaits its quick approval to give the tools in time to the Electoral Service of Chile (Servel), so that it can execute all the actions related to the electoral roll and propaganda.
Through a statement, the Segpres said that it decided to give immediate discussion to the initiative presented by parliamentarians in January 2022.
It should be remembered that this norm is in its second constitutional procedure in the Committee on Constitution, Legislation, Justice and Rules of Procedure of the Senate. It also seeks to maintain the health protocols used in the electoral processes of 2020 and 2021.

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