The key aspects you have to promote to lead a healthier life

This week the whole world commemorated Health Day, which this year is also linked to the protection of the planet, urging people to become aware of the importance of protecting not only our well-being, but also that of the environment. In this sense, there are many measures we can take to have a healthier day to day, but where to start? Oriflame, a sustainable beauty brand, shares five tips that are an excellent starting point.
Exercise: a key aspect
The World Health Organization recommends getting at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week if you want to maintain a healthy condition. If you do not have time or you lack space to do a great routine, involve movement in your daily actions, prefer to move by bike or walking, and leave the car at home whenever you can. Not only your body, but also the planet will appreciate it.
Practice mindful eating
It may seem obvious, but we don’t always put ourselves in a state of mindfulness when eating. This is crucial, because conscious eating translates into eating slowly and listening to the body’s signals, which indicate when we are hungry and when we are satisfied. Lower stress levels, better weight regulation and a better relationship with food.
Nutrients always in balance
A rich and varied diet is a guarantee of the proper functioning of our body, hence the importance of paying attention to the type of nutrients I am ingesting even when the routine leaves us with little time.
In this sense, a good alternative is the Smart Shakes, from Wellness by Oriflame, an advanced and nutritious vegan food registered in the Vegan Society and inspired by the Nordic diet to complement healthy nutrition. Available in two delicious flavors, vanilla and chocolate, and sweetened with stevia, it provides high levels of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.
Fruits and vegetables as protagonists
Experts recommend consuming between four to five servings of them daily, as they provide vitamins, mineral salts, antioxidants and fiber, in addition to favoring the elimination of toxins. The problem is that the large number of activities we carry out do not allow us to plan these rations. In that case, a good way is to supplement your diet with the Supplement Multivitamins and Minerals from Oriflame that provides 22 essential vitamins and minerals.
A good sleep: the basis for the recovery of the body
Sleep is directly linked to health. An adult person should sleep at least 7 hours each night on a regular basis, because at that time the body regenerates. That is precisely why lack of sleep is related to negative consequences such as weight gain, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and depression, among others.

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