Crocodile captured on Colima beach in Easter 2022

Colima.- At the start of the Easter holidays, authorities in the state of Colima reported the presence of a crocodile on one of the beaches that houses the state. On the presence of the animal on Boca del Real beach, in the municipality of Tecomán, the State Civil Protection Unit (UEPC) of the state of Colima called on the entire population, especially tourists, to take extreme precautions to avoid encountering the huge reptile. The director of the State Civil Protection Unit, Erick González Sánchez, said that it was on social networks where a video began to be disseminated that gives an account of the sighting of a crocodile. Read more: They demand the resignation of NL’s Security Secretary after an increase in missing womenDetailed that, although the date on which the video of the reptile was recorded is not known with certainty, the person who captured the moment alludes to the fact that the sighting occurred on Boca Real beach. the official made it clear that the entire coastal area is a site of natural mobility for this type of animals, which seek food or mate in this type of place.” It is important to note that, for crocodiles, every coastal area is a place of natural mobility to look for food in lagoons or mate,” he said. In this vein, González Sánchez recommended that, in case of encountering a crocodile, immediate notice should be given to the emergency number 911, Civil Protection or the Ministry of Security, so that specialized personnel proceed to protect the area in case the animal is on the beach. ” It is important to remember that crocodiles, when seeing people or being frightened, can submerge, making it difficult to capture and protect them,” said the head of Civil Protection in Colima, noting that, when the animal is in the water, it is best to get away as far as possible. Likewise, the agency, through a statement, recommended visitors not to camp near estuaries, lagoons or rivers near the coast, while indicating that food should be avoided on the beach. Read more: 15% increase in prank calls to 911 for the holiday season in León, Guanajuato “In case of visiting this type of sites, avoid at all costs acts that may transgress or alter the species, such as excessive noise, habitat destruction, remember that these are in their natural environment,” he said. Family confuses trunk with crocodile in Mazatlan.

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