“Utopia”, Marcelo Insúa’s show, back at the Bar Mágico Teatro

Marcelo Insúa, also known as the Tango Magician, is re-premiering with his show “Utopia” at the Bar Mágico Teatro, where from Saturday 2 april, he performs Saturday to Saturday to bring his magic to the public. After four presentations to a full house in the month of January, the artist not only intends to continue with his show but to immerse the spectators in a climate in which mentalism, humor and of course, magic converge.” Magic is one of the few arts that can only be enjoyed in person, it is the only way to appreciate its true aura, “said the artist in a statement shared with this medium.

Marcelo Insúa presents “Utopia” | Photo: Courtesy of the press

As its synopsis advances, “Utopia” has interactive experiences and original audiovisual productions that are projected in the background of the stage, providing images that are assembled with magic in a natural and fantastic way.

In turn, the show goes back 500 years in time, when Tomas Moro used the term and redefined a literary genre, which refers to an idyllic future, and in its definition specifically to an “ideal and just” social organization or form of government.

Marcelo Insúa presents “Utopia” | Photo: Instagram

Winner of the World Invention Prize in 2012 at the World Magic Championships in England; elected in 2015 Outstanding Personality of Culture by the Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires, Insúa has presented its magic shows in 25 countries. He also created and starred in a documentary series “Argentina Tiene Magia”, which was broadcast on Public Television and is available on YouTube.” Utopia” has performances on Saturdays at 9 pm at the Bar Mágico Teatro (Carlos Calvo 1631, CABA). Tickets can be purchased at the theater’s box office or by entering here.
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