Patricia Pacheco, spoke about Rodrigo Bueno, his addiction, consumption and pressures: “He gave himself that way to be able to support everyone”

In his debut program, opening its second season, Gastón Pauls spoke with Patricia Pacheco, about the addiction, consumption, and pressures of the renowned quartet artist, Rodrigo “El Potro” Bueno, his former partner and father of his son Ramiro. When I met him he used cocaine, he used a lot, and he had money to do it and he had an environment that everyone consumed. In the moments when he was not in that consumption he was a bread of god, and then he became a bad person, “he began recounting in Seres Libres, the first program about testimonies and addictions on Argentine television.

Patricia defined that Rodrigo was in a “state of consumption”, not easy to stop. “It’s very difficult to leave the night, the girls, and that made him get away from all the problems he had when he was alone,” he said.

Patricia Pacheco in dialogue with Gastón Pauls | Photo: Courtesy of the press

“I was up to my neck with problems, pressures and depressions. I had no freedom. He was subject to a contract, in which he had sold everything. He gave himself that way so he could keep everyone. They owned it,” he said. As his former partner recounts, in his moments of consumption, Rodrigo “entered into a picture of violence against himself”, which led him to beat himself and enter into a crisis of tears. However, Patricia emphasizes that the important thing is that when people hear him, they listen to him, “not to his image.” “He was good, funny, brave, strong, he carried on his shoulder to support a lot of people, he supported his family,” he said. El Potro died in a car accident in the early morning of June 24, 2000 while on his way to Buenos Aires on the Buenos Aires – La Plata Highway. He was accompanied by Patricia, his son Ramiro, musician Jorge Moreno and alberto pereyra radio announcer Fernando Olmedo, who also died.

“The last thing he did was take a pass,” Patricia said, recalling the details of that day. “The tragic night, he took and that night had been re dark. At the toll booth he started to get crazy, he stood on the side pissed, he had a beer, he started talking to people, and when he got back into the van he took out what he had in his pocket he took, he invited. When the toll passes, this truck passes it does it like vibrating and he came out as a shot, he began to pick up speed, I made a ball and grabbed the child. It was an impressive thing,” he said.

“I can’t stand crying and I resist, I had to learn to be strong,” he said. While in another fragment he talked about the talks he has with his son, who was also one of the producers of the film “El Potro: lo mejor del amor” (directed by Lorena Muñoz).

“I already told Ramiro: ‘Don’t take it because in the blood you must have a pattern that you will not be able to master, then avoid that. I see you taking you and you’re going to meet me, because I don’t want to see you drinking because you don’t come out of it anymore.’ Cocaine is the worst thing a person can run into,” he concluded. If you identify with any of these issues, or know someone who is going through it, contact the toll-free line 141 that provides anonymous assistance and throughout the country 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

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