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21 years ago, trade relations expert Jim O’Neill had an avant-garde thesis: he concluded that in the near future (it could be today) the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and then included South Africa), would be the ones that will set the international agenda. In 2010 I remember that this premise was ratified, again maintaining that, if these countries managed to coordinate and work in cooperation, they would be the most influential group of countries of our time.
There is a great documentary on this subject.
The reports of analysts, both domestic and foreign, that have been sent to my hands, mention almost all the BRICs as key actors in the current war scenario. Suddenly Russia (strike the comments), India and China. These last two interveners of the first – if I have managed to understand the analysts well.
Everything seems to indicate that Jim O’Neill (author of the term and founder of the BRIC proposal) has been quite successful in his projection when looking at how the international world is developing for now.
We will have to wait to see how the events are unleashed. Everything is still very liquid. But it is possible to realize that there are models and proposals, for better or for worse, that come to crystallize in certain events.
The world is globalized. Events in one region end up impacting the other regions.
In these matters, time is proving certain people right.
Maybe too much.

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