Grupo Intocable offers concert in Los Mochis, Sinaloa

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- With an unforgettable concert of celebration of life, with romantic songs, of love and heartbreak, of spite, the famous group Intocable was tangible before its audience, and they gave everything on stage at the Emilio Ibarra Almada Stadium that was crowded by thousands of followers of this Texan group. The northern band of Zapata, Texa in their 2022 tour in this city with two presentations, opened the concert at 23:00 hours before an excited audience that was eager to listen and sing their songs. With a capacity of 10 thousand people for both days, according to Civil Protection, Ricky Muñoz and company arrived on stage with all the attitude and energy to please the public with the songs that have become hits such as Fuerte no soy, Y todo para qué, Sueña, Enséñame a olvidarte, Aire, and the theme that they currently promote on social networks Si me duele que me duela. After thanking the audience, the leader of the group recalled their concert in 2005 in Los Mochis and asked them not to punish them so much. The northern band from Zapata, Texas, with boots, hats and jeans, with almost 30 years of artistic career, thrilled the more than 5,000 Mochitenses who concentrated tonight in the historic concert that lasted more than two hours, with their musical proposal of northern sounds, making the accordion, strings and percussions sound like never before. It was the turn of the new group originally from Guamúchil Vena de Rey, to open the concert of Intocables with covers and some unpublished songs of this group of ranchera-pop music. Read more: UAS International Festival opens with concert by great Mexican authorsThe group will perform on May 7 and 8 in Hermosillo, Sonora; 13, in Mexico City; 14, in Villa Victoria; 20, in Querétaro, and 21 and 22, in Saltillo, Coahuila, and in Plaza México, in the CDMX. Mirella López, cultural reporter for EL DEBATE de Los Mochis. He studied the Bachelor of Communication Sciences at the Universidad de Occidente today UAdeO Los Mochis. She started in journalism in the Northwest Newspaper in 1988, she also worked in the newspaper El Sol de Los Mochis in the 90s, founder of the Department of Popular Cultures in San Miguel Zapotitlán, Ahome. He received the Recognition of Journalistic Merit in Culture “Carlos Salazar Chávez” in 2013, for the Seminar of Mexican Culture SCM corresonsalía Los Mochis, the Recognition Radio Univeridad de Occidente 2014 for his outstanding professional career. She is the author of the book Atlas Yoreme del Municipio de Ahome, Monografía de los Centros Ceremoniales, published in 2013 and co-author of the book Ahome: raíz e identidad Historia, Desarrollo y Patrimonio Cultural, published by the IMAC in 2018, and since 2005 she has been working in this publishing house. See more

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