Field workers demand disability

Escuinapa.- A group of farm workers went to the Directorate of Public Security and Municipal Traffic to ask for the support of the authority and to demand that the owner of the truck be required to answer for the disability expenses of the people who were injured. On Friday, May 20, on the Escuinapa-Teacapán highway, an accident was registered, where a truck was involved in transporting personnel to the field, in the information that was provided it was mentioned that the mishap had been generated by a mechanical failure, which caused the heavy unit to end up overturned on a slope of the asphalt folder, in.  It was around 2:30 p.m. that the affected people presented themselves at the Directorate of Public Security and Municipal Traffic to request the intervention of the municipal authority, since the owner of the personnel transport unit to the countryside, refuses to provide them with an economic remuneration for the days they will not be able to work as a result of this car accident.  “We are presenting ourselves here to Public Security to help us because the owner of the truck called Patricia Zamora does not want to pay us for the days of disability, many of us who are injured are single mothers, who depend only on this salary and stop working, who is going to give us to feed our children?” said one injured woman. He mentioned that on the day of the accident he was on board a crew of 32 workers and 20 people were injured and 5 with major injuries.” Fortunately there is no one hospitalized anymore, we were paid the expenses of the hospital, we are all already at rest, but we want them to help us financially, “he said. The group of workers raised their voices and denounced the following; “We want to clarify that the driver who drove the truck in which we were going was the one who was at fault, it is a lie that he presented a mechanical failure, what happened is that they were coming in the wrong lane and from the front a double-rolled truck was approaching and when trying to join his lane he lost control of the steering wheel which caused us to leave the road. ” They assured that the truck was relatively new, they had just given it that day, coupled with the fact that the driver has addiction problems, a problem that they as passengers had repeatedly exposed to the owner of the unit. ” We told the lady to the owner of the truck that we did not want that driver because he had drug problems and still ignored us because he said he was a recommended person and here we are all injured and he as if nothing, because he came out unscathed from the mishap, “they denounced. We recommend you read: Patricia Zamora, owner of the unit appeared at the Directorate of Public Security and when addressing her on the subject said that they have responded to the medical expenses, but that related to the resource they are requesting of disability she was not authorized to inform it, since she would check with her lawyers. What was he doing? Salvador Ramos recorded prowling Robb School in Uvalde, Texas (VIDEO)

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