The Frente de Todos seeks to issue an opinion on the reform of the Buy Argentine law

Legislators of the Frente de Todos will seek this Tuesday in plenary of commissions of Deputies to issue a favorable opinion to the project of reform to the law of Buy Argentine, which proposes to expand the margin of preference for local companies in public tenders, with the aim of being able to take it to the enclosure in the first week of June.
In this context, the plenary of the Industry and Budget committees led by the deputies of the Frente de Todos (FdT) Marcelo Casaretto and Carlos Heller, respectively, was convened for 14.

For its part, the pro-government caucus has the number of signatures necessary to achieve the majority opinion, given that it would add a total of 25 legislators -24 of its own and 1 of the Missionary Concord Front-, although it has an adjusted number in the Industry Commission.In that sense, sources of the ruling party told Télam that they trust to add the signature to his office of the legislator of Córdoba Federal Ignacio García Aresca, to be able to achieve the majority without appealing to the double vote that Casaretto has as president of the commission, since the FdT and Together for Change (JXC) have 15 members each.

The initiative that seeks to sanction the FdT contemplates the possibility of choosing a national company as a supplier despite the fact that its prices exceed up to a certain limit to the proposals that foreign companies can make. Through its implementation, the government estimates that it could save US$ 500 million by prioritizing the purchase of domestic products.
One of the central points is that the budget preferences proposed by national micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) are raised from 15% to 20%, while the others go from 8% to 15%. On the other hand, foreign companies can benefit with up to 12% preference if they are integrated by national capital, while there will also be a 3% profit for companies with a majority composition of women, either in social capital, hierarchical positions and general staff.
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