‘We have decided to look to the future with hope’: CC Commission approves proposal for a preamble to the new Constitution

The Preamble Commission of the Constitutional Convention approved the introductory text of the new Magna Carta. They supported four paragraphs, which will need to be endorsed by the Plenary to remain in the draft text.
“We, the people of Chile, made up of various nations, freely grant ourselves this Constitution, agreed in a participatory, parity and democratic process,” the first paragraph states.
“Considering the pains of the past and after a social outburst, we face the injustices and historical demands with the strength of the youth, to assume this institutional path through a broadly representative Constitutional Convention,” the text continues.
“With this, we have decided to look to the future with hope and change our destiny regardless of the origin, condition or beliefs of each one; to build a just society, aware of its indissoluble relationship with nature threatened by the climate crisis, that promotes a culture of peace and dialogue, with a deep commitment to Human Rights, justice, equality and freedom,” the proposal adds.
“In this way, in the exercise of constituent power, we adopt the following Political Constitution of the Republic of Chile,” the last paragraph states.

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