An 18-year-old boy crashed in the middle of Libertador Avenue

An 18-year-old boy who had consumed cocaine caused a triple crash this morning in the middle of Libertador Avenue, in front of a breathalyzer control, injured another driver and took refuge in his family’s apartment, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo, where he was delayed by the Police after being handed over by his parents. The incident occurred at the intersection of Libertador Avenue and Sinclair, in front of the Rosedal de Palermo, when the Dodge RAM truck that the young man was driving collided with a Volkswagen Virtus car in the opposite hand of the main artery, of which the operation was fulfilled. After the impact, according to sources of the City Police, the Volkswagen crawled several meters and hit a school combi. The ram driver tried to escape by reversing, running over and injuring the man who was driving in the Virtus.Finally, the truck, with its axle damaged as well as one of its wheels, causing sparks in the pavement, moved away down Sinclair Street, to a building, in which the young man entered his family home. City Police officers approached the apartment and were received by the young man’s parents, who explained that he had taken the truck without permission, while ensuring that he was not drunk. However, the young man was taken to the Vecinal 14C police station, where a narcotest was carried out and it was possible to verify that he had consumed cocaine, while he was later accused of the crime of “injuries”. Meanwhile, the driver of the Virtus was taken by an ambulance from the metropolitan emergency service SAME to the Fernández Hospital, where he was diagnosed with polytraumatisms.

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