London 38 accused former undersecretaries of concealing accounts of human rights violations in dictatorship

Pointing to their irresponsibility, for not timely releasing the accounts of former conscripts who said they had participated in human rights violations during the Pinochet dictatorship, the director of the London 38 House of Memory, Erika Hennings, accused the former Undersecretaries of Human Rights led by Lorena Fries (2016-2018) and Lorena Recabarren (2018-2020).
“There is already a responsibility” in the undersecretary in charge of Fries, with “the work that was done with so many conscripts,” where they received “so much information” and without carrying out “a follow-up or having made an analysis,” Hennings lashed out, in conversation with Radio Cooperativa.
“And then, the fact that (the report) has remained hidden during the Undersecretariat of Lorena Recabarren also seems to me to be irresponsible,” added the director of London 38.
As a group and affected “we are waiting so many years to obtain information from the Armed Forces and the conscripts who did have participation as we know,” added Erika Hennings, who was arrested in 1974 in London 38 with her husband Alfonso Chanfreau; disappeared to date.
It is worth mentioning that a report published by La Red announced that during Fries’ term in the Undersecretary of Human Rights, the testimonies of ex-uniformed men who claimed to be victims of ill-treatment by the Army and participants in crimes were known; information that was kept hidden and that could be “very relevant” to the investigations related to the search for the country’s disappeared detainees.

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