PRI, PAN and PRD take free visual day in Ahome

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- The PRI, PAN and PRD joined forces for the benefit of people of limited resources, with ophthalmological needs, who after previous studies, could be granted their lenses, through a visual day that was carried out free of charge in the municipality of Ahome. Today is a nice day, I see it well and better than a few moments ago, I had years that I could not see so clearly, now I can see my books, everything, watch TV without problem and for that I am very grateful, “said Doña Martha, when leaving with her glasses on. The PRI, PAN and PRD, accompanied by their leaders in the state, Cinthia Valenzuela of the PRI, Roxana Rubio of the PAN and with the representation of the state leader of the PRD, Maria de los Angeles Valenzuela, local leader, as well as César Emiliano Gerardo of the PRI Ahome and Ariel Aguilar of the municipal PAN, held an important free visual day, in the colony Álamos 1, Álamos 2, which was attended by neighbors of the Romanillo, Prados del Sur and Toledo Corro neighborhoods, where ophthalmologists managed to attend to more than 300 people, to whom their lenses were adapted for free. These days will be taken to other neighborhoods and communities of the municipality of Ahome.  Neighbors from several neighborhoods attended the visual day. Photo: Courtesy The program was promoted by the leadership of the local PRI, under the representation of César Emiliano Gerardo and the Secretary General Santa Obidia Meza, and this day was reinforced with the support of the State Director, who maintains a similar day in different municipalities of the entity, in addition to the support of the two leaders in the state of the PAN and PRD. “It is a great satisfaction and joy to be able to see those faces coming out with their adapted lenses, happy and content because being able to see themselves, significantly improves their quality of life, many of them tell us that due to lack of resources, it had not been possible to make an appointment with the ophthalmologist, less to acquire some lenses and that will no longer be necessary for them, ” said César Emiliano. The three political leaders promised to return to the municipality of Ahome, with more glasses and the same specialists to benefit more people with limited resources. We recommend you read: It should be noted that while people were doing their studies and their glasses were adapted, a place of games was conditioned, for all the girls and boys who attended this place, so it was also a pleasant time for them. Ahome participates in the Tianguis Turístico Acapulco 2022

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