Sergio Jadue earns $200 an hour in Miami with new aquatic venture

The former president of the ANFP Sergio Jadue changed his life and his business. And it is that now lives in the United States and has a new venture. After starring in Chile a corruption scandal of the International Federation of Professional Football (FIFA), now, the former boss of Chilean football lives in Miami, between boats and yachts.
Sergio Jadue leases boats through an application similar to Uber but for water vehicles called “Anchor Rides”. The platform unites captains and passengers who want to take a walk.
According to a note from the Diario Financiero, from the environment of the former leader of the ANFP they say that he acquired several boats and with them he has a company and several captains who manage them. They also reveal that sailing in one of their boats costs about US $ 200 per hour (about 170 thousand Chilean pesos), with a cooler with ice and drinks included,
The application has 12 locations to rent a boat, between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, in the US state of Florida. Registering as a captain is free and being a member allows you to connect with boat owners and other captains; in addition to accessing training.
It is worth mentioning that this extra income is added to the money that Sergio Jadue receives from the FBI, for being an informant witness of FIFA Gate, which allows him to sustain a lifestyle in the exclusive neighborhood of Sunny Isles in Miami.

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