Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp: Jury Postponed Trial Verdict

The jury that was due to decide tuesday the verdict of the defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard did not agree and will resume deliberations on Wednesday morning. The jury of seven people – five men and two women – will have to analyze the evidence provided during the six weeks that the litigation between the actors lasted and reach a verdict on whether the actor was indeed defamed by his ex-wife.

The seven jurors began deliberating on Friday. They resumed this Tuesday, because Monday was a holiday in the United States, but in more than nine hours they did not make a decision and will resume deliberations on Wednesday. The trial was conducted in the courthouse of Fairfax, a small town near Washington. In turn, the statements of the plaintiffs and witnesses were broadcast live on television. They revealed stark details about the intimacy of the two actors.

The actors were in a couple from 2011 to 2016

It all began in December 2018 when the protagonist of Aquaman publicly accused Depp of mistreatment and violence in a column published in the local media Washington Post.A following this publication the star of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga would have lost jobs and a lot of money and sued his former partner for “defamation”. He asked for $50 million in damages claiming Heard destroyed his career and reputation. For her part, she counterattacked by asking for double for having been a victim of gender violence and justified having written said column on the grounds that she exercised her right to freedom of expression.

Heard and Depp in the last session of the trial

According to her, Depp’s complaint is “futile” and prolongs “the abuse and harassment” she claims to have suffered from him. In fact, she accuses a former lawyer of the actor of having defamed her by declaring to the press that her allegations of violence were “false”. Thus, in the coming hours and from the analysis of the large evidence, the jury must rule on both complaints and determine the amount of any damages. Since April 11, the jury has heard dozens of hours of testimony and audio or video recordings that have revealed gruesome details of their lives between 2011 and 2016, in what is considered one of the most contentious trials in Hollywood history.

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