Resignation of Alfaro Gaxiola does not stop proceedings against him in Mazatlan

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The lawyer Juliuz Juárez Bonilla announced his opinion regarding the resignation of Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola as secretary of Public Security of Sinaloa who since last May 25 had formally presented an office and thursday morning was accepted, according to the own statements of the secretary of the city council, Edgar González Zatarain, mentioned that they did install the administrative procedure and found it with a serious fault in the case of the promotions that were granted at a given time.” If the administrative procedure was installed and they found him with some serious fault in the case of the promotions that at a given moment were granted, he is there presenting his resignation at a given moment he could be disqualified for the exercise of the public function, which is a possibility, but from there on out there is no crime in any sense, ” Juárez Bonilla commented.We recommend you read: As for what could be affected his possible retirement the jurist announced that this benefit is not disrupted, that would be without problems because it is a right acquired over the years, in the event that he had not retired at this time if he would have taken risk but if it was already granted it is a right that can no longer be taken away, even when they fire him from the city council what he has already earned by virtue of his time, his labor rights that can not be taken away and if they take it away there may be an intransigence, announced the Vice President of the Federation of Bars, Associations and Associations of Lawyers of Sinaloa, Juliuz Juárez Bonilla. Young fight with Spaniards over the Conquest of Mexico on TikTok

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