headache for opposition

Some consider that the honeymoon of the leaders of the opposition parties of the PRI, César Emiliano Gerardo, is “long-standing”; from the PAN, Ariel Aguilar; of the PRD, María de los Ángeles Valenzuela, and now that of Movimiento Ciudadano, Héctor Álvarez. Perhaps there are some internal tensions of this opposition bloc, especially with Álvarez, but they will endure it to see if it matures between now and 2024, where the real test for everyone will be: the distribution of the candidacies. Once and for all, some observers recommend, they have to sit down how much it gives them because if anyone believes they have the right to more then the block so far will remain. For now, they are focused on going in support of the citizens to gain the social base. The problem for these, comment some inside and outside the opposition bloc, is that the mayor of Ahomense Gerardo Vargas Landeros is not going to stay with his arms crossed. And as the opinion polls are, he has the approval of the Ahomenses for one detail: it makes the difference in the way former mayor Guillermo “Billy” Chapman governs. In fact, this weekend the pollster Demoscopia Digital published that Vargas Landeros came out in first place of approval of the mayors of the country. Moreover, in the first escarceo of formation of the opposition bloc, Vargas Landeros said that they will give them a “hair in 2024”. There was no shortage of people who commented that for something he expressed it. From the outset, what many agree on is that the atmosphere improved for Vargas Landeros in relation to the times in which he achieved Morena’s candidacy for mayor.                                                                                                                                                   Very happy they say that the concessionaire of the Guadalupe López vehicle pension is going because the councilors “hot” approved his request for an increase that he asked for at the daily rate of the units that take them by accident or other causes. And as he sees that they are being sent more and more because he is “at the hundred”. It is not known how long the taste will last because some calculate that the case of the application for a new concession of vehicle pension to which the vehicles will also refer comes in a row. If he does well they will go one and one, but everything indicates that they will “thunder” him. Well, we would have to wait for what the councilors decide before that request for a new corralón. Political relations were strained between the mayor of El Fuerte, Gildardo Leyva, and the former candidate of the Green Ecologist of Mexico, the transport businessman Vicente Pico, not when he revealed that he was going to join Morena. Even, that he did not agree on the mayor’s way of governing. No. They say that Leyva’s suspicion of Pico comes from days before, since the transport businessman entered “al quite” in a Moreno event in which the delegate in Sinaloa of Morena, Manuel Guerrero, was present, which the mayor and his people did not attend. It is said that Leyva assured that he would not fatten Pico’s skinny broth. Moreover, he gave instructions for no official to attend the meeting or any other organized by the former mayoral candidate because if he did so, he was going to run them.

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