Recognition of the contribution of science to the country

Mr. Director,
It is with great joy that we received the news recently given by the Minister of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, Flavio Salazar. He informed that the National Agency for Research and Development (ANID) will continue to support the existence of the centers of Excellence in Priority Areas – FONDAP, key to research in Chile.
Thus, Minister Salazar gave a clear signal of recognition and support for the existence of different approaches in the centers of excellence: Millennium Institutes, Basal Centers and Fondap Centers. All of these develop science of excellence, go through rigorous peer review processes and international panels, as well as a follow-up over time of their performance.
I want to take advantage of this space to emphasize that in addition to Minister Salazar who comes from a Millennium Institute, we also have two ministers and a minister -Grau, of Economy; Muñoz, of Transport; and Rojas, of Environment- and an undersecretary -Sanhueza-, from Fondap centers. The current Undersecretaries of Higher Education and Science have also been active researchers with ANID funding.
It is a pleasure to see how the contribution of science to the advancement of the country is recognized. At the same time, how by generating concrete contributions to decision-making based on scientific evidence, our researchers achieve central positions in the government, in order to contribute from their scientific knowledge.
Maria Elena Boisier,
Director of Research – Vice-Rectory for Research
Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

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