Caamaño vs JxC for the Venezuelan plane

The former intervener of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI), Cristina Caamaño, went against Together for Change after the statements they had about the Venezuelan plane held. According to her, “they are looking all the time to see what to hit the government with.” In a dialogue with Sin Relato, the former official said that “the controversy is because they are all the time looking to see what they are going to come out with to hit us, it is not because things are done wrong.” At the same time, he explained how the alert system of the agency that Agustín Rossi currently leads works.

In that sense, he explained that “the alerts, unless they are ours, are informed by other countries with which you maintain international relations. Especially if they believe they may be linked to terrorists.” In addition, he added that “we have the alerts in the AFI and they jump when they enter the country or when they leave their country. An alert is not a threat. It’s a tool to make you look good at who those people are.”

In this way, Caamaño stressed that “there are usually five or six monthly alerts. Although no one is arrested in that case, they are investigated, they are followed up.” In turn, he said that during his tenure “there was never an alert for an airplane. The plane is neither good nor bad, it is an airplane. The alerts we’ve had were for people.”

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