SII reports that taxes declared in Operation Income 2022 increased 72% real and exceeded US $ 20,600 million

During the afternoon of this Thursday morning, the Internal Revenue Service (SII), branded the balance of Operation Income 2022 as “positive”, detailing that the total taxes declared increased by 72% real compared to the previous period, exceeding US $ 20,600 million.
According to information from Radio Bío Bío, the result is mainly explained by “a growth of US $ 6,351 million in the First Category Tax, in line with the recovery of the economy and the increase in the price of copper,” the agency detailed compared to the previous period.
In that sense, 4,370,716 declarations were received, which is equivalent to an increase of 3.5% compared to 2021. Of these, 3,036,811 requested a refund, while 619,403 corresponded to declarations with payment. The shoe declarations were 714,502.
From the SII reported that “declarations with payment increased by 47% compared to 2021. Associated amounts doubled from $3.6 trillion in 2021 to $7.2 trillion in 2022.”
“The process developed normally, despite the special characteristics of this year, in which the first installment of the solidarity loan began to be restored and that the taxes associated with the withdrawal of Funds from the AFP had to be paid, in the cases in which it corresponded,” they added.
“A factor that contributed to the positive result of the process was the commitment of the Service team that made available to taxpayers all its technical and human capacity to facilitate their declaration,” concluded the Director of the SII, Hernán Frigolett.

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