“La Casa”: Netflix adds to its platform the successful Argentine series with Érica Rivas and a large cast

Netflix adds to its platform “La Casa”, the successful Argentine series directed by Diego Lerman (“A kind of family”) and Fernando Zuber, an anthology of stories with a common element that first reached the small screen in 2015, by Public TV.

“The house”

The fiction is made up of 13 stories that take place in the same house located in the Delta del Tigre, but at different chronological moments. The same house that witnesses family conflicts, parties, the recording of a movie, a disease, sexual experiences, among other events.

Each chapter stars different artists; cast headed by Érica Rivas, Mercedes Morán, Gonzalo Heredia, Romina Gaetani, Vera Spinetta, Julieta Díaz, Fabián Vena, Mirta Busnelli, María Onetto, Rafael Spregelburd, Luis Ziembrowski, Alberto Ajaka, Marina Glezer, Cristina Banegas, Diego Velázquez and more.  

“La Casa” was celebrated by critics in such a way that it even participated in various audiovisual events such as the Series Mania Festival in France and the Marchè du Film of the Cannes Film Festival. 

Arrives this coming July 20 to the Netflix catalog with “The widows of Thursdays” the film by Marcelo Piñeyro, based on the novel by Claudia Piñeiro, who in the future would make together “The Kingdom”, the series winner of the Platinum Awards.
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