Authorities seize 1,120 stolen water bottles

While Nuevo León is going through problems of drought, scarcity and supply of water to its population, state authorities located and seized 1,120 jugs with water that had been stolen.
The seizure was carried out on Sunday afternoon inside a building located in the Lomas de la Paz neighborhood of the municipality of Apodaca, according to the report that the Attorney General’s Office of the entity made of the case.
The jugs – distributed on shelves, full and with the legend Bonafont – had been stolen from a cargo vehicle.

At the scene, where authorities arrived with a search warrant, a yellow forklift without a license plate was also seized.

The location of these jugs occurs while the annoyance grows due to water problems in the state, derived from the increase in temperature, a lower amount of rain this year, low availability in the dams and unattended slopes to improve the management of the liquid.

This situation has already given rise to protests in different parts of the state, as well as complaints to the administration of Governor Samuel García.
During a message transmitted on Monday, the state president said that given the situation it should be contemplated to establish a progressive rate for water service.
Meanwhile, the federal government has promised to support Nuevo León and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador asked companies to help guarantee supply, in exchange for benefits such as tax incentives.
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