Piquetera organizations will go to the Ministry of Economy to request a meeting with Massa

Left-wing organizations nucleated in Unidad Piquetera will go this Thursday at 11 in the morning to the Palace of Finance to ask for an “urgent” meeting with the new Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, to demand a series of measures: “Enough of adjustment”.

“Tomorrow (for today Thursday) with the Piquetera Unit we are going to ask Sergio Massa for a meeting to demand an emergency bonus for retirees, precarious and work and an increase in the minimum, vital and mobile wage,” said Eduardo Belliboni, a reference of the Polo Obrero. “If there is no answer,” he warned, “the piquetero fight plan continues. No to the adjustment!” A few hours after taking office, Massa faces a challenge with which his predecessors coexisted: to control public spending and, at the same time, to give answers to the social sectors with convening power. Yesterday, the head of the Palace of Finance carried out the first measures, based on four axes, one of them, the fiscal order, which implies the fulfillment of the goal of 2.5% of the deficit of the national public system that the Government agreed with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and an audit on social plans. ” A policy of reordering social plans will be carried out during the next 12 months, focusing on 3 axes: return to the labor market, strengthening of cooperatives and protection in case of situations of vulnerability,” he announced.

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